Joan Bowley’s Communicate4Profit system provides webinars, workshops, courses, personal coaching and self directed leadership development curriculum.  Commnicate4Profit is one program that enables you to Clear the Confusion and find solutions in personal and professional life.  She shows you how to Connect with Compassion to self, source (the Divine/God) and others in ways that enables you to have the relationships you want by  Communicating with Power.


mind mapping clear the confusion


Clarity leads to success.  Mind Mapping enables you to prioritize goals and tasks, potentially saving you time and money.  Certainly Mind Mapping can make a difference in being and staying organized as well as remembering the important things. 

Mind Mapping is a way of graphically depicting your internal thoughts.  Our minds associate images, words, symbols, colours, etc. anweave phenomenal inter-connectivity.   When we are able to capture our unique way of thinking we are then able to clarify thinking, priorities, direction, and communication with others which can then potentially result in better retention/memory and far more productivity.  

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Joan Bowley's photoreading course


Reduce the stress and amount of time it currently takes you to get through all written material by learning to PhotoRead.  Do you have books, articles or email messages that you still want or need to read but don’t feel you have the time?  Are you afraid of letting important information slip through the cracks?

Joan Bowley can show you a unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently—without speed reading.  This method is called PhotoReading.

PhotoReading a number of reading techniques and a proven breakthrough technique of “mentally photographing” written material.  This method helps to remove the barriers we may experience in regular reading because it helps you go beyond the ability of our conscious processing capability but instead utilizes the vast abilities of the non-conscious.  Joan Bowley actually teaches you to “mentally photograph” the printed page at 25,000 words per minute.  

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