Do you seem to have too much to do and too little time to get important things done?  

Do you lose track of the tasks that need to get done in a day?

Do you need to make speeches or presentations?  

Do you work with others and things get mis-communicated or not completed?

… then LEARNING TO MIND MAP with Joan can help you 


Fill out the form on this page and receive Joan’s simple, clear and easy instructions for getting started with Mind Mapping.  

You can also target your specific needs with Joan’s 2 Hour Private Session.  This session can help you create mind maps that clarify, communicate and potentially make accomplishing your specific tasks easier.

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What is a Mind Map?

Tony Buzan the creator of Mind Mapping says, “The Mind Map is a visual representation of the thought process” and “is an adaptable tool for just about anything: planning, organizing, creating, presenting, problem solving, communicating and many more!”  I have personally used mind maps to assist my learning for my Master’s degree. Even now I can revisit those maps and instantly remember the lessons I learned. ~Joan Bowley

What Mind Mapping Can Do For YOU

The webinar series Mind Mapping – Keys2Success is a 6 week course designed to enable you to:

  • Mind Map: books, events, tasks, projects, business organization, and much more, so that you…
  • Clarify your own thinking
  • Control priorities 
  • Gain Confidence for knowing next steps and Communicating with others.
  • Brain storm with others and collect data efficiently that can move your business forward.
  • Organize and manage projects and delegate appropriate actions for better profitability.
  • Build CVs for job interviews and much more.

The Mind Mapping webinars can you assist you in achieving clarity about solutions, plans, priorities & next steps.


Joan Bowley is one of only five North American, ThinkBuzan accredited trainers of MIND MAPPING, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and iMindMap software.  She learned directly from Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths, the creators of these tools and amazing leaders in creativity for over 40 years.

Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths speaking with Joan Bowley

Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths speaking with Joan Bowley