Mind Mapping PDF Gift

THANK YOU for attending the Mind Mapping – Keys2Success webinar!   

To receive your mind maps, click on the hyperlink in the text.  This is your link to the PDF of the Mind Map that explains the basics of creating a mind map.  Here is the link to the Business Plan Mind Map which I showed you to demonstrate complexity and assigning of tasks.    

The purpose of maps is to clarify thinking and make planning easier.  Remember your mind maps are unique to you because they represent the way that your brain represents thought.  Each map you create will be in the shape that most makes sense to you and help you identify gaps in information you need in order to get clear about goals.  The map can also help you prioritize and formulate next steps.

There are three ways to go further with mind mapping your goals:

  1. Attend the webinar series – 4 webinars designed to help you identify the ways to use mind mapping most effectively, plus 2 Q & A sessions.
  2. Attend a 1/2 day workshop where you bring your project/goal and get individual and group interaction that helps you move forward.
  3. Allow Joan to guide you on an individual per session basis so that you have all the answers you want/need in order to gain clarity, integrate and implement the things that make a difference for you.

Please visit to the Attain Greatness Store for pricing.

This is the link (below) to download the iMindMap software I promised during the webinar.  
iMindMap Basic