Thank you for watching my Introduction to Mind Mapping Webinar Clear the Confusion!

Mind Mapping is a fun and very effective way of organizing so many things. Realize of course this was only an introduction to Mind Mapping. There is a great deal more that I can teach you using this tool.

I have a webinar series called, “Keys2Success”, that will give you an in depth working knowledge of Mind Mapping. Here is a link to learn more about the Keys2Success Webinar Series.

This is the Mind Map that will help you remember the simple rules to follow as you draw your own Mind Maps.

Joan Bowley's Mind Map Simple & Easy


This is the link (below) to download the iMindMap software I promised during the webinar. Try it for free! I use the iMindMap Ultimate version all the time.
iMindMap Basic

Thank you once again for visiting the introduction to Mind Mapping Webinar! I look forward to our continued success!

Joan BowleyMind Map for Clarity
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