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Break Through Barriers
I came to Joan because I had reached a point where I was unable to break through internal barriers to creating the life I desire. Even after months of self-development work, there remained a block that lay just beyond my reach. In a few hours, Joan was able to not only bring into awareness the unconscious fear or barrier that was holding me back from finding the overseas work I desire, but also help me create a clear vision of my new job, home and the path to achieve both. Joan is an insightful, compassionate and well-grounded counselor; there are few others I would trust with my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.” – Lanja F

Alysse B

Joan’s presentation on “Taking Control Of Your Life” was wonderful. In addition to being practical and informative, it was fun and useful. We experienced working with tools and concepts that we can incorporate into our lives on our own. And, I was exposed to the benefits that I can quickly take advantage of to put me in control of making desired changes in my life.” – Judy H.

– Tammie & Kim

Joan’s intuitive abilities truly astound me. Without knowing a thing about me, she was able to draw out of me what my concern was and what I was committed to in my life. The instant that I verbalized it, the intense pain that had been moving around my neck and shoulders for two weeks disappeared. I’m so thankful to Joan and her incredible gift.”  – Ramona N

Some resources available to assist you in getting results in financial, personal and professional areas of your life. These are self directed educational programs at very low prices.  Contact Joan for more information or click the image.

Leadership Development Curriculum

Leadership Development Curriculum

Not just a budget program, but provides essential information for attaining financial freedom.

Not just a budget program, but provides essential information for attaining financial freedom

Personal and Professional growth and development media..

Personal and Professional growth and development media..and more

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