This is an introduction to Joan, her loves, her life and her goals.  

Some of the FamilyI love my family Glen, Ty, Mom (Ria), Bob (Dad) & Margie, Jim & Julee, Bruce & Barb, Aunt Hetty & Uncle Ruud (Netherlands), Ben & Linda.  There are too many others to name including nieces & nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins but the ones I’ve named are my immediate family. 

Joan Bowley riding victory motorcycle

I love to ride!

I love to travel especially on my BMW R1200RT motorcycle.  I used to ride the Victory Vision. I have traveled through the United States and Canada to every coast, through most deserts and mountains.  I ride mostly with Ty and my Motor Maid friends for long distance (across Canada/USA), although I have done this many times on my own.  It used to be nothing to ride from Niagara Falls to Sarasota Florida on my own.  My husband Glen joins me/us for shorter distances (within Ontario) on his BMW F700GS as well.  This summer I plan to ride from Ontario to Sante Fe to our Motor Maid convention.  I am really looking forward to riding through amazing country.

I love our pets all of whom are rescues. We have a dog Lacey a lab mix, 3 cats, Tim, Taz and Gigi. 

I love what I do for “work” which empowers people especially those going through changes/transitions in life by providing practical tools for moving forward.  

My PAST Career:

My career for a number or years was focused on corporate administrative and managerial roles.  During that time I was a volunteer working with youth and teens as a mentor and counselor.  I volunteered as a treasurer for non-profit organizations as well as being an elder and spiritual director in a religious capacity.  I went back to school and received a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate which allowed me to teach in religious schools. 

With the growing use of computers and frustration of not having anyone able to teach me how to use one, I became a computer geek… and subsequently, a certified systems engineer.  However, I only worked in that industry for a brief time.  I was the Director of Education and developed curriculum as well as events for multi-generational events in a church.  I was credited with having grown the school numbers from 30 to 246 children attending.  The staff went from 2 to 42 and I was responsible for their training and assisting them to succeed as teachers and mentors. 

Speaking to Groups

What I can do for you NOW

My passion has always been and still is, to learn what works for making life easier and fun and teach that to others.  Over the past 30+ years, I have been in the personal development industry, teaching, coaching and speaking.  I started my own business in 2004 with the purpose of providing workshops, seminars, coaching and counselling for many areas of personal development.  The underlying purpose for everything I do is to connect people with their resources which they may not always be aware of.  

PP13 speaking 1Over the years I have struggled with losses… our son, Stephen’s passing was the most difficult but he is not the only person to have left our physical lives. I have studied and graduated from colleges and university.  I (we) have moved many times to different cities/country.  I have juggled career, school and family.  I have faced many health issues.  Some of them debilitating.  I know what is like not to have money and I know what is to be content.  

As a result …I believe I have found what works and what can potentially help people through most of what life throws at us.  I love my life… I can show you how to make that happen for yourself too!  

If we do not experience problems along the way, we are not living fully.  If we have challenges the potential for happiness is immense!  

I help people just like you find that sweet spot for moving forward.