Joan Bowley’s Communicate4Profit system provides webinars, workshops, courses and personal coaching.  Commnicate4Profit is one program that enables you to Clear the Confusion and find solutions in personal and professional life.  She shows you how to Connect with Compassion to self, source (the Divine/God) and others in ways that enables you to have the relationships you want by  Communicating with Power. Learn More


mind mapping clear the confusionClarity leads to success.  Mind Mapping enables you to prioritize goals and tasks, potentially saving you time and money.  Certainly Mind Mapping can make a difference in being and staying organized… Learn More

Joan Bowley is one of only five North AmericanThinkBuzan accredited trainers of MIND MAPPING, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND iMindMap software.  She learned directly from Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths, the creators of these tools and amazing leaders in creativity for over 40 years.


Joan Bowley's photoreading course Reduce the stress and amount of time it currently takes you to get through all written material by learning to PhotoRead.  Do you have books, articles or email messages that you still want or need to read but don’t feel you have the time?  Are you afraid of letting important information slip through the cracks? Learn More

PhotoReading-MindMapping Combination Course 

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Joan is the only instructor in Canada who is authorized and licensed by Learning Strategies to teach PhotoReading.  Joan learned from the very best, the originator of PhotoReading, Dr. Paul R Scheele, and long time master instructor Lynette Aryes.